Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Testimonial- Alex's story

"I approached Steph at 7 weeks; a week after my “morning” sickness began. I was nauseous 24/7, vomiting a lot and anxious about travelling, shift work and the pregnancy itself.

Steph began with distance healing, she gave me sessions every evening at the run up to my worst time (I would be sick every night at 22:00 on the dot!) so Steph got there first at 21:45!

She taught me acupressure and gave me my own personalised meditation clip to listen to when anxious. Steph also created a personalised oil mix that would help with nausea and anxiety - she took into account my skin type so that I could spray it on the inside of my mask without irritating my skin or breaking out.

The distance healing, meditation, acupressure and spray gave me the freedom to travel again and even go to work, my nausea had subsided but I still had difficulty believing in my ability to carry a healthy baby to term. I was scared to truly acknowledge and connect with my baby before a scan. I attended a in person reiki session before the scan.

Steph had made the room perfect and made me comfortable before we began, spraying my personalised spray. I rested during the session but felt energies, weights and even saw lights!

Since that session, even before my first scan, I felt so much more connected to my pregnancy and finally felt like I could get excited and continue normal life and do the things that I was too anxious about before (even the food shop)!

Steph helped me get back to my normal self and enjoy my pregnancy, she was so dedicated to give everything until I did! I am so looking forward to my next session where Steph will be able to reiki the baby too."

Alex, mum to Thea, 8 months old


Reiki is a form of energy healing proven to offer deep relaxation and improve stress, anxiety, and tiredness in adults.

Additionally, Reiki is highly beneficial in pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum.

Reiki can help babies calm down, sleep better, cope better with common ailments such as colic, tiredness, tummy aches, teething, feeding issues etc.

Some hospitals in the US even have Neonatal Nurses trained in Reiki Healing, which supports babies' health. Reiki is safe to be administered to babies and pregnant women.