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Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Breastfeeding Support

At Holistic Babies London, we are aware that breastfeeding sometimes comes with its challenges. 

This is why we are here to help wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey.


We cannot under-estimate the importance of knowledge when it comes to breastfeeding. We offer one to one workshop, colostrum harvesting and answer the questions you may have, using evidence based informations. 


We offer support in the form of home visits, video calls or phone calls to assess breastfeeding and help you tackle challenges you may meet.

Continuous Support:

Early on support is key to successful breastfeeding and this can be achieved through continuity of care.

All of the Newborn Care Specialists at Holistic Babies London are experienced in the field of breastfeeding. Our success rate is over 90% at 6 weeks postpartum (versus UK statististics of 24% in England). Some of us have even specialised in the field of lactation. 

We know that the sooner we tackle challenges and help you establish supply, the better you & your baby will do!

Very few women cannot breastfeed (1%), we know that the sooner you get support, the better it will be for you and your baby. 

Home Visits:

- Reassurance visit: one of our Newborn Care Specialist will visit you at home and assess feeding in the early days to ensure all is going well. She will discuss any concerns you may have, offer reassurance & support you with attachment & positioning. 

Fee: £100 for up to 2h

- Lactation Consultation: more in-depth visit by one of our practioners specialised in Lactation to tackle breastfeeding issues. 

Fee: £150 for up to 2h


What can you do optimise your success?

- Prepare before your baby is born.

- Harvest Colostrum, especially if you are having an elective cesarean section, an induction of labour, are diabetic or have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, are on beta-blocker medications. 

- Get help as soon as possible: ask your midwife on the ward/ at home, ask to speak to a member of the Infant Feeding Team in your hospital. 

- If feeding hurts, no matter what you are being told, it is NOT normal & it means that the latch is not right!

- Breastfeeding assessment is not just visual, the latch may look "right" but if it hurts, it has to be investigated! Get help as soon as possible! 


To book please email: stephanie@holisticbabies.co.uk 

Or call: 07916152217