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When science meets holistic therapies

Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Antenatal Worshop Review

"Being pregnant during a pandemic is no fun. The fact that you might not get the support you would get during normal times can strike some anxiety on both you and your partner.

My husband couldn’t come to my midwife appointments and NCT courses were cancelled. We read tons of books and watch videos but felt we were missing something.

We met Steph because a friend recommend us to have a chat with her. We clicked immediately: she’s sweet and honest; she has so much knowledge and you can tell she's been working with parents and babies for a really long time.

We did 2 workshops: the labour one and the first days with babies. Both are great because you have a one to one workshop with an amazing professional.

With Steph you go through everything, step by step, you understand everything and if any doubt she goes into it again until you feel confident.

The “Labour workshop” reassured me on everything I had learn; I could ask the questions I had and help me made informed decisions based on proved science. We went through my birth plan and she gave me tons of tips from her midwife point of view.

This course for my husband was everything: it made him feel he could actually do something.

He finally got to ask all his questions regarding on how he could help me, about the labour and got to practice tons of labour positions together.

The “First days with babies” is an absolute must for any parent to be. I just can speak from a first time mum point of view but it really helped us: Steph gives you tons of tips and information so you don’t feel scared of anything going on with the baby, she teaches you what you need to know to start to take care of baby and goes through everything you have at home or you are thinking of buying, what to use, what you don’t need to use etc and is tailored to you and your situation.

Having now our baby boy, I feel much more confident after the workshops and having had Steph in our life. I would recommend the workshops to any parent to be. I’m a first time mum but we’ll repeat for sure when we have another baby." Ana & Dimiri- Holland Park- London

Antenatal Support: what we offer

Congratulations on your pregnancy or the arrival of your baby, may have she come into your life through you giving birth, adoption, or surrogacy. We are here to celebrate with you and welcome her into the world.

We know that there are many parenting books out there, and they often offer conflicting advice. At Holistic Babies London, we are here to guide you and organize tailor-made workshops just for you!

Antenatal Birth Workshop: the team of Newborn Care Specialists at Holistic Babies London has a clinical background in maternity, some of us continue to work as midwives in the NHS.

This means:

- a wealth of knowledge & years of experience of pregnancy and birth.

- Up to date knowledge of national guidelines around pregnancy and childbirth.

- An excellent understanding of UK maternity services.

- Access to further knowledge and evidence-based studies.

The Birth Workshop takes place in the comfort of your home with one of our team members. It permits you to have a one to one conversation about your birth ideas, discuss your worries and hope, and head towards the birth of your baby feeling empowered and reassured!

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop: just like the Birth Workshop, this class is preparing you for breastfeeding. The course is led by one of our Newborn Care Specialist specialised in the area of lactation.

We will discuss colostrum harvesting with you during this class and are happy to demonstrate how to hand express and store colostrum antenatally!

The class takes place in the comfort of your home, where, using recent, evidence-based information and studies, we can guide you and empower you on your breastfeeding journey.

Antenatal Meditation & Reiki: Pregnancy is often a time of both excitement and anxiety. We have designed meditation and mindfulness classes to prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Reiki Healing is also a fantastic way to relax and prepare you for birth.

More and more scientific evidence demonstrates the benefits of mindfulness on mental health and how the regular practice of mindfulness can reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and improve physical health.

The sessions take place in the comfort of your home as a one-off or every week.

To book, please email admin@holisticbabies.co.uk.