Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Holistic Babies London

When science meets holistic therapies

Hi I’m Ali,

I’m an AfN registered nutritionist (ANutr), currently undertaking my PhD at Surrey University.

I have achieved a BSc in Nutrition and MSc Nutrition and Genetics, which have led me to my current PhD where I lead research into genetic predispositions and vitamin B12 deficiency within vegan pregnant/ lactating women.

My formative years instilled in me that food plays a vital role in lifestyle; the joys of feeding and eating have been integral to the dynamic of my large Polish family.

As an avid foodie, I incorporate this synergy to my practice. From an early age, my personal experience of allergen and eczema diagnoses exposed me to the intrinsic link between food and health.

Although this presented challenges, it catalysed my deep interest in nutrition. I have directly experienced the powerful role that different diets play in symptomatic treatment and how they can improve the quality of life of an individual.

I take an individual and holistic approach to the application of nutrition where “one size” certainly does not fit all. I combine evidence-based guidance with bespoke nutrition to account for the nuances of everyday life. My specialist view centres on how nutrition interacts with female physiology, from pregnancy, early life to later adult life.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Ali, (AfN, Msc, PhD student), Nutritionist.